Lee Elci

Lee Elci – The Voice of Freedom

Lee Elci is an American radio talk show host, political commentator, print journalist, author, writer and producer with over two decades of on air experience as a Talk Radio host and commentator.

Born in New London, Connecticut, Lee is a proud, middle class, conservative, who has never shied away from sharing his political opinions in public or on the air. His has a deep love of animals, strong beliefs in personal freedom and has a deep and abiding respect for our Veterans and first responders.
Lee is unapologetically a proud American.

Lee a former professional baseball player with the St. Louis Cardinals and spent time playing professionally in Europe and Australia.  He has also spent time on the small screen with a recurring role on the soap opera “As the World Turns”. He has appeared on the Sopranos, Sex and The City, The Guiding Light, and ESPN.

It is his wide variety of life experiences that drive his unique brand of informative and entertaining commentary. His regular guests include, military heroes, doctors, foreign policy experts, and political columnists along with interviews with every level of politician including Senators and congressman as well as Governors and Mayors.

Elci is also a print journalist, and is a regular contributor to the Day Newspaper in New London Connecticut.

The Lee Elci show now reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners one 94.9 News Now and also the USA Radio Network

To Contact Lee Elci
Email: leeelciradio@gmail.com
From Connecticut: 860-464-9490

From Long Island: 631-317-1949

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 357, Ledyard CT 06339